Friday, April 12

Good times and the bad times

I have seen quite a few people posting articles about people making their lives seem perfect on their Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, twitter, etc... Blah blah blah. We get it! Yes the Internet makes you come across that way, people post things that they are proud of or things that make them happy. Why would we post things that are sad and depressing?! Yes we all have issues and trials but maybe these people feel better by posting the good things. Ya know?

Either way, I post about the good stuff and the not so good. For example, take toddler T. The other night he threw a fit, there he was crying, kicking ad screaming on the floor because we told him he had to go to bed in a few minutes. Keep In mind it was already past his somewhat normal bedtime.
I let him have his moment on the floor while I cleaned up the kitchen, then picked him up and took him upstairs to get ready for bed. Oh, and I snapped a pic of his screaming and posted it in Instagram, obviously.

Here's to the good times and bad times as a parent. 


Debbie said...

Could not agree more! I like that you post that happy bits. Your kids adorable!

Aaron S said...

haha I can't help but laugh at that pic of Toddler T. Kids crying can be so funny!

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