Monday, August 25

Summer Evenings

I can't believe that summer is almost over.  We have had some amazing weather this summer and I am going to miss the warm nights and amazing sunsets over the Puget Sound.  We will just have to soak it all up before the  rain comes this fall.

Thursday, August 21

Downtown Block Party

Over the weekend we went to the Downtown Tacoma Block Party.  It was awesome!  They had tons of cool and unique arts and crafts for the kids, with live music and some food.  We had a great time there.  The party was downtown in Opera Alley.  The colors of the buildings and the the scenery are amazing.  We had a fun evening enjoying all of the activities, eating some Puget Sound Pizza and just having a good time.  What a great community event that was very kid/family friendly.  Can't wait for next year's party!!

Wednesday, August 20

Outdoor Movie

At the Cheney Stadium they show outdoor movies on the jumbo tron every other weekend.  We were finally able to go last weekend and watch Despicable Me 2.  It was fun!  The kids get to run all over the place and watch the movie while we eat candy and relax on the baseball field.  We had a great time and will hopefully be able to go to the next one later this month.  The sunsets at the stadium are pretty nice too.

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