Thursday, December 8

Sutter Creek

Last weekend some of our friends invited to attend Las Posadas in Sutter Creek.  It was our first time walking in the posada and it was an amazing experience.  We started at one of the churches in town and candles were handed out to hundreds of people that were in attendance.  Mary and Joseph came out of the church, mounted the burro and then they read the Christmas story from the bible while singing hymns and walking through town, from inn to inn, until we made it to the manger at another church on the other end of town.  It was a great experience and even the kiddos enjoyed it!
We finished the night off at the local ice cream shop eating ice cream and fudge and drinking hot cocoa and cider.  It was a great event to kick off the holiday season here in CA.  Tis the Season!

Tuesday, December 6

Happy Birthday Rosie

Little Rosie turned 2 just before Thanksgiving.  We had a little party for her while our family was in town as well.  She was pleased to have cake and open a few presents to celebrate.  Rosie is super tall and loves to do anything her older brother and sister are doing.  She still loves her binky, bottle and blanky (only when she is sleeping though!).  She is starting to talk more and loves to paint her nails, wear lipstick, make up and try on many and most accessories as well.
She is a joy to have around and thinks she is pretty funny and cute at dinner time.  She is a busy body and tries to keep up with her older siblings.  Yet loves to read books, ride her tricycle and scooter and be involved in anything and everything.  Happy Birthday Rosie Vela!

And a few more photos of the birthday girl from the past couple of weeks, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 29

Thanksgiving Weekend

It felt great to have a long Thanksgiving weekend!  We hosted over 30 people at our house on Thanksgiving and had a great time!  We cooked turkey, steak, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, etc....etc.... It was a great meal with family and friends.  We spend that morning running, playing volleyball and football and had a great time together.
After Thanksgiving day we spend time between Sacramento and Reno with family.  The kiddos had a great time playing non stop with all of their cousins too. What a fun time of year!

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