Thursday, April 17

Steilacoom Beach Park

This Spring weather that we have been having is amazing!  We have been spending as much time outside as we can.  The evenings spent on the beach are the best.  We have the sandy beach right there with awesome views, plus there is a grassy area and a playground with swings.  The kiddos get a good mix of playing in the sand and on the playground.  Plus, there is a choo choo train that goes by too.  We get a front row seat as it drives by and the kiddos just wave and scream as it goes by.  Some of the simple things in life what such an impact.  I love it!
Happy Spring in the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, April 16

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Last Saturday we loaded up the car and drove up north about 2 hours to the Tulip Festival.  This was our first year going and it was awesome!!  The colors are amazing and the rows of tulips go on and on forever.  The kiddos had a great time exploring all of the tulip fields and picking their favorite colors, etc..... Plus the weather was nice and sunny, it was a great day!  I am sure we will be going back in the future.  And now for the pictures:

Tuesday, April 15

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Did you know that you can run (or walk/bike) across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?  Well you can.  I took the kiddies the other day after work and it was awesome.  The bridge is just over a mile long and you can park at the Memorial Park on the Tacoma side of the bridge and there is a nice path along the entire bridge.  The views are amazing and it's a pretty good workout.  Well, just pushing the kiddos in that stroller is a workout.  We ran all the way to the Gig Harbor side and checkout out the views.  The bridge looks awesome and having Mt. Rainier in the back is even better.
Now it was pretty loud running on the bridge, but there is so much to look at that it's not that bad.

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