Thursday, February 4

BYU Indoor Track Meet @ UW

My little sister Natalie had another indoor track meet at UW last weekend so we spent some time in Seattle cheering her on.  The kiddos always have fun cheering for her and watching the other races and events.  Plus, it's another good excuse to have anew adventure in Seattle or to explore more of the UW campus.

Monday, February 1


I celebrated another birthday last week, 34 years!  Time is flying by.  We celebrated at home with cake and then had another party in Portland with the Pratt's to celebrate their daughters birthday!

Tuesday, January 26

Winter Sun

Living in the PNW we get some rainy days, especially  during the winter months.  With that being said, when the sun comes out, we are outside!  We took advantage of the sun last weekend and had a great time hiking and playing on the shores of the Puget Sound!

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