Friday, September 19


The kiddos have been pretty excited about this season watching the Seattle Sea hawks.  I picked them up some jersies and even toddler D will wear hers, well, as long as it's with is tutu and a dress too, ha!  I also picked up these #twelfie signs from Bartell's.  We have been using them at work too and they are pretty fun! 

Go Hawks!  

Wednesday, September 17

Walk to End Alzheimer's

Last weekend was the South Sound Walk to End Alzheimer's.  I was a member of the committee that planned and coordinated this event.  It was a huge success and the weather was perfect!  We had a great time walking for this cause, while raising awareness and fundraising money for the Alzheimer's Association. Thanks for all of those that came out and walked, donated money, volunteered time and everything else.  Search these hashtags on twitter, instagram and facebook to learn more about the walk #endalz #walk2endalz

Tuesday, September 16

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Sunset

The other night, we made a pit stop on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and walked down to watch the sunset from the bridge.  It was amazing!  I am so glad that we did.  The kiddos were happy walking along the path and the views were amazing, like usual.  Just see for yourself.
We are going to miss these amazing pacific northwest summer sunsets once the rainy season kicks in, until then we will enjoy them while they last.  We truly do live in a beautiful place!

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