Friday, May 22

Under My Umbrella

While we were exploring the Dome District we stopped at our favorite mural in town again.  The umbrellas are amazing and so is the mural/art scene here in Tacoma.   Tons to see and explore.

Thursday, May 21

Lock On Tacoma

We found another cool art exhibit downtown in the Dome District called Lock-On Tacoma.  We went and checked it out earlier this week.  There are tons of locks on display underneath the train track.  The kiddos loved seeing all of the different colors and designs that were on all of the locks.  And Mr. T loved that there were T's on all of the big locks, they were all for him, of course.

Wednesday, May 20

Commencement Bay

The other afternoon we snuck away and enjoyed the sun and the views along Commencement Bay.  We threw rocks in the water while waving at the trains and boats as they went by.  It was an afternoon well spent enjoying the Tacoma Waterfront.

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