Tuesday, July 22

Blueberry Farm

Did you know that in the middle of Tacoma there is a free community blueberry farm?  It's true.  We have been twice over the last week and love it.  The kids help pick blueberries and we all all eat way too many.  The wifey has been making jam with them and we have been having blueberry milkshakes at night, it's been great!

Monday, July 21

Ocean Shores

We packed up the car and headed to the coast last weekend, and it was fun!  We did lots of swimming, eating and playing at the beach.  The kiddos played hard and were exhausted.  They slept pretty much the entire way back home.  It was nice to escape the heat (It's been in the 90's lately) and get some cooler air at the beach.  It was overcast there, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  They played and splashed around in the water.  The coast is nice too because you can literally drive your car right on the beach and have access to everything right there, it was really nice.  We were in awe of how many care were there.  It was fun!

Friday, July 18

Kandle Park

We are still going out and about and trying to hit up all of the good parks and pools in the Tacoma area.  The wifey and kiddos have been to Kandle Park a couple times during the day and I met up with them one evening after work and we had a great time!  They have an awesome wave pool, splash pad and a little toddler pool/splash area.  It was sunny and hot and we had a great time.
Mr. T is getting really brave (although he has his floaties on, ha!)

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