Friday, July 25

Saturday Adventure

Last Saturday the kiddos and I took off and spend the morning exploring around Tacoma some more.  We went down to the waterfront, rode along the wharf on scooters and walked around and saw the boats, fisherman and just enjoyed the views!  It was a nice sunny day.  We walked the streets of downtown and saw some cool and interesting stuff. We love where we live, do you?

Thursday, July 24

His First Race

Last weekend there was a race at Chambers Bay right by our house so I signed Mr. T and I up to run it.  There was a 5k and a 1.5 mile run/walk.  I signed us up for the shorter race and we had a great time.  He had run a couple times earlier that week with me and was trained and ready to go.  There were a dew other kids that ran it too.  He did really well and ran the entire time.
Hopefully this is the first of many races. It was a proud moment for me as a father and a runner.

Tuesday, July 22

Blueberry Farm

Did you know that in the middle of Tacoma there is a free community blueberry farm?  It's true.  We have been twice over the last week and love it.  The kids help pick blueberries and we all all eat way too many.  The wifey has been making jam with them and we have been having blueberry milkshakes at night, it's been great!

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