Friday, December 14

Christmas Performance

Darla's school class performed at Barnes & Noble earlier this week.  She was so thrilled to get to dress up and sing with her school friends. She did a great job and we loved being able to watch her and support her as well.

Thursday, December 13

8 Months Old

Dean is already 8 months old!  He is looking so grown up now with his 2 teeth and more coming in.  
He is eating baby food multiple times a day now and loves to sit up and roll all around the floor.
He wishes he could keep up with his older siblings though.
He is very social and likes people to sing with him, play with him and give him attention! 
He is the perfect little boy and we are so happy to have him! 
Happy 8 months Mr. Dean.

Tuesday, December 11

Tis the Season

I love this time of year!  The kiddos are so excited everyday for all of the holiday activities, traditions and other fun activities happening between school, church and our family!

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