Monday, March 19

It's Almost Spring!

The weather has been playing with us these past couple of weeks.  We will get a couple days of sun and 60+ degrees, then it will rain and hail for a week.  I guess CA needs the water though, so it's ok.  I just want the sun and 70 degrees weather everyday!
Here are some of the pics from the last week or so.  Rosie was the star student in her preschool class this week.  She brought T and D to help read her favorite book to her class.  The book was about tutu's and ballet!  We celebrated St. Patty's Day, had donuts several times and our friends had us over for dinner and did a little baby shower for Natalie as well.  It was nice and we had a great week.

Tuesday, March 13

All Star Game

Mr. T's winter season of basketball has ended and he loved every minute of it!  At the end of the season, each team got to have their top players play in the all star game!  Turner's coach chose him to go and they won!  He was so excited and loved having his family there to cheer him on!  He gets a couple weeks off before Spring Season starts.

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