Wednesday, May 9


The days are going by too fast.  Baby Dean is already 4 weeks old this week and his actual due date is this week too, crazy!  I am just glad that he is home and doing well and the wifey is too.

Tuesday, May 8

School Dance Performances

Both T and D has their annual Spring dances a couple weeks ago.  They both did a great job and it was fun to watch them. This is annual tradition that the school does and Darla especially loved it!  It was 2 nights of performances, with 2 shows each night so all the parents and families could come and watch.  They have been practicing for about 5 weeks during their PE time and it was great to watch them perform!

Monday, May 7

Weekend Updates

We took a quick trip to Reno last weekend so Dean could meet Grandma Mary and Tommy.  We spent the day there and had a great time! Some pictures from other activities are included as well.

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