Thursday, October 30


We also had a good time frosting cookies and covering them with sprinkles!  The kiddos love the sprinkles and other toppings and enjoy eating the cookies and frosting for days!  Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29

Pumpkin Carving

I can't believe that it is almost Halloween!  This is a fun time of year with lots of changes.  Daylight savings will be here this weekend, which means that when I go to work it's dark and when I get home, it's still dark.  We do get to celebrate some fun holidays though.  We are starting with Halloween this weekend!  We have had the house all decorated up all month and for family night earlier this week we carved pumpkins, made sugar cookies and frosted them.  It was fun and the kiddos were pleased!  We carved  pumpkins, one for the baby too.  We had orange, white and a green pumpkin.
This year for Halloween Mr. T is going to be spider man and toddler D is going to be a pink princess. They have had their costumes all picked out for weeks now and they are excited to wear them soon.  They get to wear them to school this week, to our church trunk or treat event and then trick or treating on Halloween.  It should be a fun holiday with lots of candy!

Tuesday, October 28

Chambers Bay

We had a visitor over the weekend for a bit.  The wifey's cousin Sarah was in town for work and we got to hang out with her on Sunday after church.  We went down to Chambers Bay and walked around and enjoyed the sun that came out that day.  It was still a little chilly, but it felt good.  We enjoyed watching the sun go down and spending time at one of our favorite places.  Some views never get old.

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