Thursday, January 19

Healthy & Active

Mr. T has been doing these workout/dance videos at school and this past week he got his sisters all into them as well.  They seriously love them.  There are different levels that they can pass off and they get to create characters, choose the music and choose other options as well.  They are really into it and it keeps them busy and entertained for hours!  Even Rosie gets into them, while holding her purse and accessories of course.  They are really into being healthy and active since the New Year has started!


Wednesday, January 11

A New Year

The days just keep slipping by faster and faster.  The kiddos are growing up and getting big just like that and I am over here just trying to stay afloat and keep up with everything that is going on around me.  It's crazy and chaotic, yet I love it.  This is life and I enjoy it!  And here are a few pictures of the snow and rain that has been happening lately!

Monday, January 9

Ranch Life

Since I had an extra day off of work over the holidays, we spent sometime at our friends family ranch they just bought up past Auburn in Grass Valley.  There was an awesome house + guest house + lakes + trails + so much more.  We had a great day exploring the property and just relaxing in the house.

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