Monday, August 22

Farewell PNW

Well it's official!  We are residents of the state of California!  We now own a home and are getting settled in.  It feels great to finally have the family all back together under the same roof where we can get started on this next chapter in our lives.  Mr. T started school the same day that moved into our house last week.  It was a crazy week, but we are getting settled into our new home and looking forward to creating many memories here.  To say farewell to our 4 years in the PNW, I thought I would post some pictures of our time in WA and OR.  We sure will miss it there, but are excited for the future!

Tuesday, August 16

Pink Hair

Toddler D has been asking to have pink hair for a few weeks now.  After some thought and consideration the wifey made it happen!  Darla was so pleased with how it turned out.  It was just a temporary dye so it literally washed all the way within a few days.  Between swimming in the lake, the chlorine from the pool and maybe a normal bath it was the prefect amount of time for her to have pink hair.  Just look how pleased she is with the final results.




Friday, August 12

Lake Natomas

Last weekend we spent Saturday at Negro Bar at Lake Natomas.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time enjoying the sunny weather, playing in the water and kayaking all around the lake.  Mt. T has been asking to kayak for quite some time, and we finally rented one and paddled all around.  It was great!  T also got to learn how to paddle on his uncle's surfboard.  It was a good day all around!

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