Monday, October 20

Golden Gate Bridge

Last week I flew to Reno to meet the wifey and kids.  We spend a little time there then headed to San Francisco.  Mr. T has been wanting to see the Golden Gate Bridge, so we did just that.  We spend Saturday in the city and had a great time!  We saw the sites, ate some good food and dessert and enjoyed the city.  He even got to see Heidi and there was a firework show as we were getting ready to leave.  It was a quick trip, but totally worth it!

Thursday, October 16

Happy Birthday Mr. T

I officially have a 5 year old!  He is getting so big, so fast!  While we were in Utah we had a party with his cousins.  He said he wanted party hats and mustaches, so that's what we had.  I also made a ton of these props that were a hit. It was just a cut out of his face and everyone had fun with them.   He was pleased as he could be eating pizza, fruit, chips and soda for dinner.  And we all sang to him and had Costco cake.  He was just happy as could be, so I was too.

Happy Birthday Mr. T!

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