Tuesday, October 15

Double Digits!

Turner had another birthday and it now 10 years old! I have a son who is in the double digits....so weird! We had a fun time celebrating with family.  His sisters made him a birthday banner sign, we ate steak and cheesy potatoes for dinner with an oreo ice cream cake for dessert!  It was a great way to celebrate a 10 year old!  He is planning a basketball birthday party with his friends in a couple weeks!  Happy Birthday Turner!

Monday, October 14

Rogue Marathon

I finally ran another marathon and it felt great! I met up with Logan in Medford, OR this past weekend and we ran the Rogue Marathon.  It was a great course and I ended up finishing at 3:41!  I was pretty pleased with my time and I am looking for the next race now. 

Tuesday, October 8

A Fall Weekend

We had a great fall weekend which included soccer games, cross country meets, decorating for Halloween and enjoying the nice cool fall temperatures!

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