Thursday, October 20


I guess it does rain in California.  We felt right at home this past weekend with the rain falling and falling.  We didn't let that stop us from going outside though.  We had our usual walk to the park and around the neighborhood  and the kiddos got soaked jumping in puddles and playing in the rain.

Tuesday, October 18

Happy Birthday Turner

I have a 7 year old son!  It seems so crazy to think back over the past 7 years and how so much has changed.  Mr. T was born in Utah, spent a year in Colorado, then moved back to Utah, then to WA for 4 years and now in CA.  He has been able to make new friends in all of the moves and had adapted to his new schools, church classes and everything else.  Mr. T is an awesome kiddo and is a great older brother to his little sisters.

His birthday fell on a Thursday this year, so we had a family dinner party which included salmon, salad and asparagus  (his choice!), with cupcakes for dessert.  We opened a couple presents that night and then we partied again on Saturday night with more family and some friends as well.  It was a great weekend celebrating Mr. T!

Happy Birthday Turner!

Thursday, October 13

Hiking iPhone Pics

I actually used my real camera on our hike to Lake Clementine last week, but I still snapped a few pics with the iphone as well.  It's just so easy and accessible.  So here are those photos as well.

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