Thursday, April 11

Conference Weekend

Last weekend was general conference for my church. It basically means we have church at home and get to watch and listen on tv/phone/computers. It's great! It's a nice way to get motivated and hear directly from the leaders of the church.
On Saturday night I went to the Priesthood session at the stake center. The wifey always asks what they talk about and I usually respond and say that its a secret, ha. It really isn't so below are the notes that I took on my phone this time. 

Conference Priesthood Session
Spring 2013 - April 6th 5-7 pm
Lacey, WA Stake Center

Robert D. Hales
Put on the armor of priesthood especially in this day and age. The temptations are worse. Temptation finds you ad Satan desires to have you. The world will keep moving but the church remains constant.

Tad R. Callister
Priesthood blessing story recorded in his journal. Priesthood in the boy is just as important as the priesthood in the man. Spirituality and leadership from a deacon until a mission should increase and evolve. If you want to get revelation then do your homework. Know the Lord's way over the world's way.

David L. Beck
Shy Johnson story about bullying in high school. Experience the joy in ministering. Stand up! Reach out to those in need. Start ministering in your home then it will spread. Ministering defines who we are. Listen for the promptings.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Titles define us. Our first title is son of Heavenly Father. We are his little children and always will be. We are next called disciples of Christ. Grow to be refined followers of Christ. Discipleship is a life long journey. Don't abandon your journey. Put in the extra effort and be a man of the Priesthood. Next title is a healer of souls. Practice the healers art. Follow the Savior's example and reach out to those in need. Fourth title is that we can have all that he ha. We are joint heirs to all if his. And we can be glorified together. There are endless opportunities for service. Get off the sideline and get in the game! Amen! Yelled from the congregation.

Henry B. Eyring
Story of the boy who was baptized across the seas. Missionaries had only been there for less than 1 year. 6 members in his town now. Missionary teaching stories while he was in New Mexico. Be a missionary.

President Thomas S. Monson
65,000 missionaries in the world plus thousands being processed. Teach all nations and baptize them. The most important duty Is to preach the gospel. Young men need to be willing and ready to work. It requires long hours, lots of hard work and sacrifice with prayer.
His formula:
1. Search the scriptures with diligence. Study each day individually and with your family.
2. Plan your life with purpose at any age. Make good decisions and plan ahead with $ for missions, college, etc....
3. Teach the truth with Testimony. Obey the counsel of the prophet. Lift up your voices and testify of the god head and Book of Mormon.
4. Serve The Lord with love. Read D&C 4. Ask yourself have I increased in faith? In love today? Be ready and willing. Follow Christ.

Another tradition that we (meaning the wifey makes them) have is making cinnamon rolls every Conference Sunday morning.  The wifey has perfected her recipe and they are delicious.  Even toddler T got in on the action this year. 

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