Thursday, May 17

Just call us gardeners

That's right.  We are officially gardner's now.  We have a garden.  We finished our first project in our backyard.  We build a small retaining wall to block off the garden area along the fence line of our backyard.  We brought in a truck load of some new top soil and planted some tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and pumpkins.  Now we just have to baby them for a few months, with water, fertilizer, wedding, etc.... and then we can enjoy all the fresh veggies!

T was a big help too.  He has been wearing this cowboy hat that he found in some of our storage.  he loves it.  I guess all that country music that the wifey listens to is paying off, ha.  The patio is our next project that we want to get done within a month or so.  Wish us luck!

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