Friday, May 18

Did I mention

I failed to mention that I cut my hair!  It's all gone!  Well not all of it, but most if it, gone.  I almost went a year without cutting it.  I am sure the wifey and many others are happy that it's gone.  Right Mono?!   

Below is a before and after shot, ha, what a difference, right?! I have had some people say I look younger now while others say I looks older and more mature. 

What do you think?

At least my son, Toddler T has a sweet pony tail now.  One of us has to keep it going, right?!  Ha ha. 


Marcus Lane said...

ALSO - My goal for the month of MAY is to brush my teeth 3 times a day, morning, after lunch and night. So far so good, at least when I am at work!

Aaron S said...

Looks like Toddler T is 30% closer to being a samurai warrior... Go get 'em!

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