Wednesday, May 16

We Celebrate Big

Last Thursday was our 4 year anniversary.  So, most couples would probably go to dinner, exchange gifts or celebrate in a similar way, but not us, not this year at least.  To celebrate we packed up the car with our two kiddos and headed off on a little road trip to Reno.  (The Biggest Little City in the World!)  We went out to see the in laws and have a little trip. 

As we passed through Elko, I stopped to think for a moment..... here we are driving out in the middle of nowhere, baby D is screaming because she is hungry (again!) she already downed her bottle and wants more, and T is screaming because he wants his own soda juice, he doesn't want to share!  He is a typical 2 year old. The music is streaming loud and I am just singing along to Rocketman, by Elton John and munching on sunflower seeds and think, man we celebrate big around here!

We had a good weekend, that I will get to later on.  But this keeps on going.....

So, too make things even better, Sunday was Mother's Day and we were driving home that day.  We had a very classy Mother's Day meal at the McDonald's in Wendover.  Seriously we did.  I had the quarter pounder and the wifey have some chicken with fries and sodas, of course.  I posted a pic on Instagram and got quite a few comments about how sad it was that we went to McDonald's on Mother's Day, then they soon realized that we were on the road traveling, ha!  This is how we celebrate around here, we go big, ha! 

I don't think it really bothers me or the wifey that we do things like this.  It just makes more memories for us.  Now don't get me wrong, in past years we have gone out to fancy dinners, stayed at fancy hotels and dropped the kids off to celebrate, but this year we did things differently. 

We had a great long weekend in Reno.  T and I went to the father/sons outing.  We slept on the boat, on the beach, we went wake boarding, T played on the sandy beach of the lake, and we had a great time!  The girls stayed at home and shopped and played and we all reunited on Saturday night for dinner.  We still squeezed in lunch at Awful Awful and the usual Reno fun stuff, just see for yourself in the pics below.  Oh and we hit 100,000 miles on our car, already!  Can you believe it?  It is only 4 years old.  Until next time Reno. 

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