Friday, December 9

The Ugly Sweater Party is almost here!

This is your friendly reminder to come.  It's on this upcoming Sunday, December 11th at 6:30 pm in SLC at the Shields Residence.  It is going to be the classiest party of the season with lots of good drinks, food and desserts! 

My sister and I have been finishing the final things/ideas for the party and I think we are all set to go.  I found most of the mugs from storage and have plenty of sweater options to decide from.  Now just to finish off on the wassail recipe and finish some other odds and ends.  I have been asked by a few people about how many sweaters/mugs I have and if they can have/buy some.  Maybe next year I will have to sell some of the sweaters that I have.  Maybe I will do it.  Ha.  Stay tuned......

Oh, also my sister is giving away awards for the following categories:

1.  Most Festive Sweater
2.  Most Snooty Sweater
3.  Ugliest Sweater and
4.  Above and Beyond

So you better dress to impress!! See you there friends and family!!  And Happy Holidays!!

1 comment:

shields family said...

what a success the party was! pics will be posted laster this week on the blog and FB.

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