Thursday, December 8

Let the Basketball Games Begin

Yes, it's that time of year already!  No, not just the holidays, but basketball season.  College Football is almost over and it is time for college basketball (and the NBA in a few weeks, Go Jazz!)  Last night we went to the BYU vs. Weber State game at the Marriott Center.  My cousin plays for Weber and it was cool to see him play.  The first half was close, but then BYU stepped it up in the second half and pretty much took it.  It was a good win!  Toddler T loved the game and would clap when everyone else would and yell 'Go Cougars!' 

It looks like we will be going to the BYU vs. UTAH game this Saturday too in the SLC.  Go Cougs!!!


shields family said...

PS- We saw jimmer there! And T met Cosmo.

Melanie said...

We were there too. It wasn't as fun to watch for us Weber fans. Darin (and all but two players for Weber) had the flu, so after about the first 10 minutes their play really went downhill.

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