Friday, April 15

Update #7

I love driving by the house on my way home from work.  It is amazing to see how much can get done on a daily basis.  The inside is ready for paint, already!  And to start the other finishes.

Now, they are starting on the outside of the house.  They have the scaffolding up and are ready to go on the brick and stucco.  We chose a red'ish colored brick and a green stucco color.  It will  look awesome.....we hope! 

Here are a few pics that I took on the handy iphone.  Enjoy!
And have a good weekend. 

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Emily said...

I can't believe how quickly your house is going up! I swear just two weeks ago you were posting pictures of a hole in the ground! That's so exciting for you guys, you're going to love doing whatever you want to your own space.

stephanie joy said...

Your houes looks GIGANTIC and awesome! So excited for you guys!

Melanie said...

Nice! We picked redish brick and green stucco too! Maybe its the same!

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