Thursday, April 14


Yesterday after work I took my last run before the big race this weekend.  I left from my parents house in Salt Lake City. (That's what you do when you don't have your own home- only 6 more week!)  It was cloudy, and a but windy and I thought to myself, maybe it will rain and I should wait to go.  That thought didn't stop me though.  I quickly put in my headphones and took off down the street. 

It felt good to go out and run.  I enjoy running because it lets me listen to my tunes and think about oh so many things.  It felt good to run in my parents neighborhood too.  I did grow up there, ya know?!  As I ran up and down the tree lined streets in that east side neighborhood all of these memories were flooding back to me.  It's as if I was reliving experiences as I passed a particular house, park, church or school.  The streets all looked perfect to me.  The older houses have all been remodeled and each look so unique.  Secretly, I want to buy one of these houses and re-do it all to my personal liking.  Maybe someday I will do this.  I love the small architectural details that they have and the old hard wood floors get to me.  Enough of the houses though, back to the run.....

After the first mile or so, it started to rain.  I began to run faster and the rain just fell harder.  It felt good.  I was refreshed and continued to keep running.  I glanced at my run keeper app to see what my current pace was.  It seems to be a little faster than normal.  That was probably because I wasn't pushing baby T in the jogging stroller.  I miss pushing him and seeing his little face as he looks up at me every few minutes to make sure I was still there.

I ended up running almost 5 miles in 38 minutes and thought this will do, bring on the race.  Plus it had started to rain again and I was beyond wet at this point and baby T was probably up from his nap and he would want to play and eat his dinner.  I walked around on the sidewalk outside the front door to cool off before I went inside and thought,  good run.  Ready for the race.  Eat some pasta for the rest of the week.  Sleep good and stretch. 

I am ready. 

just a pic of T practicing. 


Alli said...

I am so jealous. I miss the feeling of running and running and getting rid of all your worries. I ran the Top of Utah Marathon in 2006 and then on the mission you can't really run you know and I haven't been the same since. I think I need to get a jogging stroller when we move! Good luck on the race! And we are excited for your house. I love the house updates, haha:)

shields family said...

that it a good race alli! i might do it again this fall if the st. george one doesn't workout. and go get a jogging stroller. ours also hooks onto a bike so you can tow it. we found it on ksl for cheap!!

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