Friday, September 26

Tis the Season

Fall is almost here and I have been ready to bust out the Halloween stuff. I ordered a couple masks a few weeks back and busted them out tonight. The family had just finished out little family night activity and I snuck away into the bedroom and put on my new monkey mask.  Both of the kiddos were changing into the pajamas and I walked out of the room and scared Mr. T first.  He screamed, then realized that it was me and started to laugh.  I waited for a minute until toddler D came down the hallway to the dining/living room area.  As soon as she did, I jumped out at her and scared her pretty good.  She screamed, ran and tried to hide on the couch.  We all laughed and even when I took the mask off and let her see that it was her loving and caring dad, she was still a little shook up.  We all had a good laugh in the end and I busted out the panda mask for the kiddos to play with as well.
This picture of with Mr. T in the bathroom.  We had a good time and hopefully toddler D won't have any nightmares of freaky, scary monkeys, ha!  Tis the season!

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