Monday, September 29

Mr. T

Mr. T is almost 5 now and he is growing so fast.  He is tall, has dirty blond hair and loves his cars, trains, lego's and magnet toys.  He has started his second year of preschool and loves going to school a few days each week.  He is also playing soccer this fall again and wants to start basketball next.
He loves the Seahawks and enjoys watching the games on the weekends.  He likes to wear his jersey during the games and run around the house, throwing the football and tackling his animals.  He seems  to favor him mom lately and loves to have his little sister follow him around and play the games that he makes up.  She is usually willing to do it.  He loves playing outside, going to Chambers Bay to run and play on the shores of the Puget Sound, yet he is happy as can be playing with his cars and magnets at home.  He is starting to say funny lines all the time and it very aware of his surroundings, location and where we are going next, or what the plan is.  He is a sweet warm hear-ted little boy and I am thrilled to be his father.

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