Monday, August 18

Running With Children

I am currently in the stage where it is becoming more difficult to push both of the kids in the jogger stroller because they are getting heavy and they are still too young to straight up go running with me, so what do I do?  Mr. T is slowly getting better at riding his bike, but we have hills around our neighborhood and I don't think he is at the point where he can bike them.

So what is a Dad supposed to do?  Well, Mr. T always talks about running around at the track by our house.  So last week, we spend some time at the track.  I ran some laps with the kids, they ran some on their own and we times each other and had fun.  I may not have gotten in as many miles as I normally would, but it was still a fun way to get a little workout in with the kiddos there.  I'll take what I can get these days.

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Jamie said...

Here's some of my solutions... Double Bob stroller ( the best!), treadmill at home, gym membership, track and Jackson is getting pretty fast on his bike. We also do cross fit type exercises together at home. You're awesome to always include your kids

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