Wednesday, March 5

We Moved......Again!

Yes, you read that right.  We packed up our house last week and made the trek about 28 minutes closer to my work.  That means I have a 2-3 minute commute instead of a 30 minute commute.  It's pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie.  Between the commute and me being back in school again we decided that it would be better to eliminate my time on the road so I could spend more quality time with the family and with my studies.  So we found a nice 4 bedroom home just a couple miles from Chambers Bay and we moved last week.  We were sad to leave Lacey, our ward there and our friends there, but in the long run this just seems like a better move for the family.
So here's to a new start, in a new house in a new city!  I like change, don't you?

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