Tuesday, March 13

Baby D Pics

I love the smell of a new born baby when you bring them home.  They are so fresh and clean.  Their skin is so soft, well for a few days.  Then the dry Utah air hits it and it turns red and blotchy, and and sometime a little baby acne is there too.  She is still cute though and we couldn't resist taking some pics in her little beanie and booties in black and white. 

I forgot how small babies are when you bring them home.  They are tiny, and T seems like a giant now.  T use to be our baby, but not any more.  They are just growing up too fast!  Another thing is the diapers. Their diapers are so small but they grow out of them so fast!  Please slow down so we can enjoy everyday! 

1 comment:

Monica said...

She is so precious!

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