Tuesday, December 13

The Daily Dish Utah

AHHH!!  So, early this afternoon I received an email and then a phone call from a local reporter from the ABC 4 News here is Salt Lake City.  They invited me and a guest to appear on their morning show, The Daily Dish tomorrow!! 

The Daily Dish is a a talk/variety show geared to everyone that lives in Utah! They talk about local fashion, fun, food, fitness, events, hot topics and more. 

They want me to come on and discuss my ugly sweater parties that I have been throwing for the past 7 years.  How cool is that?  I invited my sister Monica to go with me, since she has been a major help in planning these parties for the last few years!  So tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, December 14th from 9-10 am to see us on the air.  It's on the CW channel locally here in Utah.  I am pretty sure it will be online too after the filming, so I will post that once it is up. 

HERE is the link to their website and HERE is the link to their Facebook page.  Go on over and 'Like' them, thanks!  And the pics are up on my Facebook.  Go on over and see them, they are pretty awesome!   I will put some on here later this week.  Adios!

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