Tuesday, November 15

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I don't want to jump the gun or anything, but I am way too excited for this and have to get you guys excited for this year's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, otherwise known as 'The Neck N Nog - Sweater & Wassail Party.'

This is the 7th year of doing the party, and I still love it.  I have been hitting up all of the DI and Savers stores and getting more mugs and looking for the perfect sweater or turtleneck to wear.  You have to go early or else the good ones go quick, trust me.  And you always get a few weird looks when you are browsing sweaters in the women's section, ha! 

We will have yummy desserts, home made wassail, hot cocoa and egg nog.  And the photo booth will also be there to capture all of these great moments. 

This year the party will be back in Salt Lake City, and here in the invite that my sister made.  She is also helping me host the party this year. 

So save the date, December 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm in SLC and get your festive clothes and Christmas Spirit ready!  It's gonna be a great party, like they always are.


shields family said...

the facebook event will be created soon!

Monica said...

ummm.... i'm SO excited! I think I'm going to make some of these too!

Click on this link!


shields family said...

Ahhh!! Those look awesome! Do it. I have some props from last year too, I think....unless I lost them between all of our moves. These are way cooler though!

Lexi Patterson said...

I cannot believe I still haven't been to one of these banging parties. I'm missing out!

shields family said...

Lexi- One day we will live by each other and you and your boys can come!!

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