Wednesday, November 16

Governor's Gala 2011

Last weekend the wifey and I were lucky enough to attend a fancy schmancy fundraiser Gala for Governor Herbert in Salt Lake City.  My dad's law firm had a table and they had 2 seats still open, so we got to join them for the black tie event. 

The theme of the evening was 'Hollywood Comes to Utah.'  They had the red carpet laid out that led into the ballroom where dinner was served, speeches were given, veteran's were admired and the show was put on.  They had movie posters of all of the movies that were filmed in Utah and the entire show revolved around them too. 

It was very entertaining and we had a great night out.  It was a fun night that doesn't happen that often, so we had to take advantage of it.  Below are a few pics that I snapped with the iphone, what else would I use. 

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