Sunday, November 6

Husband of the Week Award

A few weeks ago I purchased some flights for the wifey to fly down to Southern CA go to her friend's baby shower and see some other friends down there.  It was supposed to be a surprise, but I over heard the wifey on the phone saying she would love to teach the Relief Society lesson that Sunday.  (Which was the Sunday that she would be gone!)  So, I ended up telling her about the trip so she could still go and she could teach another week the next month. 

Well it all worked out great.  She flew down first thing Friday morning to LAX and spent the next 3.5 days with friends, attended the baby shower and covered everything from LA to San Diego!  She flew back just in time to go trick or treating on Halloween night.  The wifey is 24 weeks preggo and Lisa is 28 weeks, and they are both having girls!  Hooray for babies!

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