Monday, November 7

Music Monday - Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

I was very tempted to put up a Christmas song for Music Monday this week, but I will hold off for a few more weeks. We need to have Thanksgiving first, then it will be time!

So, this week I give you Stuck Like Glue, by Sugarland. I chose this song because Toddler T loves this song. He tries to sing along with it, it's hilarious. We gets the 'uh-oh' parts down and just smiles, it's pretty great. So enjoy it. It's a cold, windy Monday here in UT. I guess winter is here. We got some snow this weekend and lots of wind, with snow drifts. I actually purchased a shovel and had to shovel some snow. I got a little shovel for T too, so he doesn't fell left out.


Hillary Varley said...

I LOVE this song... it's one of few country songs Scott enjoys :)

shields family said...

Ha! We need to convert him to country, Nat will cause she is a huge fan.

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