Thursday, April 28

House Update #9

This week they have finished painting all of the interior ceiling and walls.  They are almost done with the base boards and door trim too, while all the doors are being hung. The tile has been laid in the bathrooms and laundry room and we now have a garage door too!  It's coming together. 

I was in there the other night taking some measurements for some window treatments and it really started to feel like home.  I could picture our furniture and everything on the main floor and it made me smile!  We will finally have a home, a real home that we can call ours.  It's so awesome!   We also found out that one of our new neighbors is a brother of a cousin, so cool!  Anyways, back to the window treatments, we are wanting to make curtains for 2 of the big windows in the dining room and living room that lookout south and need some inspiration for this.  We have the material and now need to figure out what we want exactly and what is most functional for us.  As for the other windows, we will figure it out once we get in the house and see if we have any money to spare, ha! 

As usual, here are some iphone pics:

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