Friday, April 29

What's on my iphone??

I love my iphone.  It is great.  If you don't have one, you should probably get one.  They are only $49 bucks right now and they will change your life, in a good way that is.  I am still old skool, with the 3G S, but I don't mind.  I love it, the wifey loves hers and baby T even enjoys it from time to time (if he is lucky).

Anyway, I thought I would do a short series of my favorite and most used apps.  Not quite sure what it will end up covering, as I have not outlined anything before hand.  I will flip through the screens on my phone and pick out the favorites.  Ok, here it goes.


Facebook:  Of course, so easy to use and upload pics, etc...

Blog Press: To keep up on the posts wherever I am. 

Twitter: Just started using it for work purposes.  Maybe I will start to follow you...maybe?!

Food Spotting: This app will give you the best restaurants around town and lets you post pics of what you eat, rate the food, restaurant, etc....  I use it when traveling to find new, fun and good places to chow down at. 


Google: Of course.

Wikipedia:  You can learn anything super fast.  I try to look up 1 thing a day, at least. 

Opera Mini- Easy to use for all of your web browsing needs.  Try it! 


Instagram: Love this one.  Lets you choose 16 different types of filters for your photos where you post and share with others, or not.  Follow me my username is markielane

Hipstamatic:  Has a few good lens options to add color, light etc..... fun to play around with. 

Vintage B&W:  Classic black and white photos. 

Camera + : Easy to use, has zoom, you can crop, edit, etc.....

Retro Camera:   Just another photo app that has some cool edits to it. 


Pandora:  Love it!  Listen often, have station after station loaded. 

I Heart Radio:  I am a radio junkie at heart and love listening to the morning shows on my way too work. 

Yahoo Music:  Another good one to switch up the music scene a little. 

Fandango:  Browsing movies to think about going someday when you have a break from the rest of life. 

RedBox:  This is used more where while at home.  We can pick up movies quickly and return them just as fast.  Lets you reserve a movie, pre pay etc.... 


Words With Friends: Best game out there.  Challenge me, I dare you!  markielane is the username

Word Search: Who doesn't like a classic word search

Angry Birds:  Duh?  Doesn't everyone play this.  Little kids seem to be really good at this game. 

Scramble:  Another good word game. 


Scriptures:  Use it daily.  Has quick access to all scriptures, manuals, ensign, conference talks, etc.... Updates happen often too. 

Mormon Channel:  Lets you choose different channels of music, talks, scriptures, videos, etc.... 

LDS Hymns:  We usually end up in the back of the chapel where the Hymnals are easy to find.  I can pull up all the Hymns with this app. 

The list goes on and on but you get the idea.  I have some baby flashcards and animal sound apps that baby T likes.  And of course ESPN Sports Center and Run Keeper are used on a daily basis.  Along with  the local news, weather and banking apps. If I am missing any amazing apps, then please send them my way so I can look into them.

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