Friday, August 13

10 months

today is friday the 13th!  ahhhhhh......and it is also turner's 10 month old celebration.  yes, he is already 10 months, can you believe it?!  some days we can't.  he sure is fun to have around though and he is learning new things everyday, it's awesome. 
he is crawling all over the place now and he pulls himself up on everything and moves around on the edges of all the furniture.  he has 4 teeth on the bottom and just yesterday his top teeth started bursting through his gums. 

he loves to be outside and he loves animals, especially dogs.  seriously, if we see a dog, he has to go over and pet it, or at least just sit by it.  he is obsessed with them.  he has started to take a bottle before going to bed and surprisingly loves it.  i guess his next step will be walking, all in time though.


natalie said...

Oh he's so cute! I miss him!!!

Melanie said...

Hope you guys are having fun and loving your new job! We definitely need to keep in touch and I love the glasses! He is absolutely adorable :)

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