Monday, August 9

another great weekend

we had another great weekend.  there were some awesome rain and thunderstorms that came through this weekend.  we spend friday night trying out a new restaurant in our neighborhood. tokyo joes is the name, and their food is delicious.  you can create your own teriyaki bowl with your choice of meat, sauce, veggies, rice/noodles, etc...... it was yummy!

on saturday, nat got her hair did and we went to check out the cherry creek mall.  later that evening, we got a personal tour of DU and the washington park area of denver.  it is an awesome neighborhood with so much charm and character.  the houses reminded me of those back in the slc sugarhouse area.  plus the park is huge, and had multiple lakes and lots of trails and gardens.  we will probably go back again.

that night we had a relaxing dinner at washington park grille, followed with ice cream dessert at bonnie brae's.  such good food and great company. 

sunday, was relaxing with church, a little nap and dinner with cousins, julie, nate and clara in aurora.  the kabobs were delicious and it was nice to see some more family out here.  our ward is beyond huge.  i think there were 30 people in elders quorum, and the number of kids just keeps on going up.  it's great!


natalie said...
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Nate and Julie said...

It was fun to see you guys yesterday. We love Bonnie Braes...mmm! We will have to hang out again soon!

natalie said...

Ha i love the picture of Turner!

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