Friday, September 2

Back to School

In the midst of all the chaos in our lives this past few months, we somehow managed to get into our new house and get this kiddos signed up and registered in their new schools all within a very short time frame.  Mr. T started school the same day we closed on the house and moved into our house.

We have some awesome friends who let us stay with them and invade their lives for far too many weeks, but it all seemed to work out.  Throughout all of this chaos, we failed to take a good picture of Mr. T going to school, but since D started a week later than him, she posed and the wifey got a couple good pics of her.  T is in 1st grade and D is in her second year of preschool.  Things seem to be falling into place here in CA and we are all slowly getting situated into our new lives here.

Here's to another successful school year!

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