Monday, December 19

Christmas Happenings

I can't believe that Christmas is already here!  The last few weeks have flow by!  We have done some fun stuff and luckily Instagram has documented most of the events for us.  Scroll thru the pics below to see what they mean.

1.  T riding his bike out in the snow.  He wouldn't let the cold stop him!
2.  We had an early Christmas dinner with G & G McQueen and I love their poinsettia bike.  They always have fresh flowers in it.  It looks awesome! 
3.  We went and saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert last weekend.  It was really good and Nathan Gunn and Jane Seymour did an excellent job too, along with the orchestra. 
4.  It has snowed a couple times.  T and the wifey built a snowman while I was at work. 
5.  T got to sit on Santa's lap again (this time at our ward party).  He asks for toys very politely, ha. 
6.  T has been spending a lot of time with his cousins, he loves it! 
7.  The wifey has been in charge of Sub for Santa.  We have been wrapping presents every night and have them all over the house.  It's a lot of work to coordinate presents for a family of 8! 
8.  T has opened a couple presents early.  he loves his monkey snow hat from baby Eden.  (Thanks Chels & Mike)
9.  I bought a little shovel for T so he can help shovel the snow, he loves it!
10.  We made ginger bread houses with some friends in our ward.  Now we have been eating the candy off of them non stop.

I just love this time of year and we are so excited to celebrate this season with T.  He is understanding more and more about Christmas and I am sure it will be a good one!  And for an awesome and very touching video go HERE.  I love it!! 

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