Wednesday, April 23

Easter Morning

The kiddos woke up super early (surprise, surprise!) on Sunday morning, which was Easter morning.  The sun was shining and we all knew it was going to be a good day.  The kiddos had breakfast while the wifey and I took turns showering and getting ready while getting the kids dressed in their new Easter outfits.  They were fed and dressed.  Even Toddler D wore her new sandals.  (Side Note: she has been obsessed with rain boots and will only wear those as of lately, with her tutu's) Somehow she let the wifey put the salt water sandals on her and they looked great.
We took a few pictures before we headed off to church that morning to celebrate the Resurrection and everything that Jesus has done for us.  Earlier in the week the wifey planned an awesome FHE lesson on what the true meaning of Easter is all about.  Although, the kids are still pretty young, you have to teach them at a young age.  After church they got to hunt for their baskets and they went on an egg hunt.  They had a blast, and stared chowing down on all of their candy.
After naps that afternoon we went on a walk, played at the park, raced a little around the track and then headed home for a great Easter dinner.  We grilled out steaks, asparagus, with fresh fruit and pasta.  It was pretty good.  After some Face time with all of the family in Utah we wrapped things up for the day, read some books and called it a night.  It was a great day, and we loved spending time together as a family.  Now for the pictures:

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