Monday, April 14

Best Burgers in Town

For those of you that know me well, know that I love a good burger with fries.  It's probably my favorite meal.  The wifey and I are usually on the hunt for new restaurants and new places.  Since we have moved we have been able to explore some new places and new food.  I keep going back to Lefty's Burger Shack though.  They are close to my work and are delicious.
We stopped by and picked up some dinner the other night on our way home from the part.  They have a little fun area around their building and the kiddos just love to play and run around.  They have picnic tables all around too, so you can eat there or take the food to go and eat at home or at the park.
The kiddos had a blast there the other night and they were loving the music and some of the other kiddos that were also there with their families.

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