Tuesday, March 11

Chamber's Bay

We are loving our new neighborhood and new city.  We are just a couple miles from Chambers Bay and it is awesome there!!  They have a great running/walking trail that goes around the golf course and it has awesome views of the Puget Sound.  It is beautiful there and I am sure we will go there often.
They have a fun bridge that goes over the trains and the kids love to go to the shore and find cool rocks and sea shells and play in the water a little.  This place will probably be our backyard this summer.  Speaking of backyards, we have a huge one now.  Seriously, I don't even know how I am going to mow it.  The kids will love to run and play back there though.


Brady and Brittany said...

Where are you guys living now? Brady grew up in University Place! He loves it there :)

Marcus Lane said...

Hey! Ya we just moved to University Place. We are in the Chambers Creek Ward. We love it here!

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