Tuesday, February 18

Happy Birthday Darla

Last week we celebrated toddler D's 2nd Birthday!! After I got home from work, we grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the movies. The girls saw Frozen and the boys say the Lego Movie. They are both great shows. After the movies, we headed home to sing happy birthday, eat way too many cookies and open presents. Darla got a new play kitchen and a baby highchair. She was so pleased. Her grandma and grandpa sent her a new book and a doctor/nurse play kit. She is in heaven with the new toys and so is Mr. T.

Darla is such a joy to have around. She is very independent and likes to do things for herself. We cut all of her binkies a couple weeks ago and she has been fine without them but seems to cling onto her babies and blanket a little more. She is full of so much personality and attitude. She has the best cheesy smiles and loves to do anything and everything that her big brother can do.

Happy Birthday Darla Jane!! Now we just need to get her potty trained, I am getting sick of buying diapers.  

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