Friday, January 10


While I was at work the other day, I got a bunch of pictures on my phone from the wifey with toddler D strutting around the house.   When I opened them I could just imagine D walking around the house in her new hot link heels.  They are still extremely large on her little feet, but that doesn't stop her from putting them on and working it as she walks around the house.  Now toddler D is quite sassy as it is, but I can just see her putting those new heels on and taking sassy level goes up to the next level.  She is good at what she does.

All she needs now is her purse, jewelry and make up.  I have a feeling this one is going to be a hand full in the years to come.  I hope and pray that I am ready for her and all that she has to offer.  Bring it on D!

Toddler D does have some attitude, but she can be so nice and sweet when she needs to be.  She still loves her binky and her blankie.  She will be turning 2 next month and then we will have to start with getting rid of the binky and them comes potty training.  Fun times, she is growing up too fast.

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