Wednesday, March 13

Chores = New Toys

While we were in Reno last month, toddler T found a new favorite game involving penguins.  He fell in love with it and was sad he had to leave it there.  While were were at the market in Seattle a couple weekends later, he found the same game for sale in a cool toy store.  He begged and begged for it.  We aren't parents who just buy anything and everything for their kids, so the wifey made a deal with him.  He had to do chores to earn some money so he could pay for it.  After a few weeks of putting away dishes, cleaning the table off after dinner, trying to sweep the floor, wipe down the bathrooms, etc....etc..... he earned enough for his new favorite toy. 

He is pleased as can be with it.  Now we just have to get him to share it with baby D, ha. 

1 comment:

Aaron S said...

I love that penguin game. So hypnotic.

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