Thursday, February 7


I feel like I have blogged about this before with toddler T, but I'm back at it again. You know, where you go to church but you aren't really there cause you have a baby that likes to make a lot of noise and move around all the time, so you spend almost all of church pacing the halls and trying not to make a scene everywhere you go.   Well, that would be me and baby D lately.  At least she looks good walking the halls of the church over and over again. 

At least toddler T is loving his sunbeam class.  He enjoys learning new songs in Primary and seems to enjoy the other kiddos, his teacher and everything else that comes with it.  The wifey teaches another class and baby D and I run wild through the halls of the church, ha!  Only 6 more months until she can go to nursery.  I'm sure they will just fly right by. 

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Nate and Julie said...

We know that stage all too well around here. But Gracie started nursery last week! So exciting!

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