Friday, February 8

Hawkins Family History

My aunt Suzanne wrote a family history book and I finally finished reading it. My family and I got it as a Christmas present from my mom, and it is a great book to have.  My aunt tells my grandparents story, where they grew up, what they did, what their dreams and accomplishments were and so much more.  The book goes over where they grew up and what it was like with their siblings and parents.  It goes in to how they met, when they were married, goes into the war, then life after the war, a big move across the country, making money, moving, retiring, missions and so much more!!  There are some great stories and we all still laugh at the family names.  Just so you will believe me, here are the names: 

Verde, Vela, Val Gene, Velyn, Veloy, Virginia, Lark, Berk, Al Dean and J Ballard. 

Yes, these names are for real.  Can you believe it? 

It was really cool to read about the details of my grandparents lives and see how much they accomplished.  It gives me hope that I can live up to the way that they lived their lives, raised their children and were great neighbors and friends to so many people. 

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Unknown said...

Aren't ya glad your Mom had the sense not to pass on the Washburn names!!! But I gotta tell ya, my Picasa photo program has face recognition and it thinks you look like Lavell Washburn. (He was a good looking young man, just like you!!!!@)

Aunt S.

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