Wednesday, October 10

St. George Marathon

Last weekend I flew from Portland to San Diego.  I met up with my buddy Logan and we drive up to St. George for out first St. George Marathon.  Neither of us had trained as well as we would have wanted to, but we finished and did ok.  We got to see some friends, had a great pasta dinner with some family and even managed to sleep for a few hours before the big race. 

It really is an awesome race and it is put together very well.  They have great choices and options at each water station and there were so many other things that were nice, that I wasn't even expecting, like the ice chips, the wet towels, the misters, Popsicles and more. 

I did ok in the race.  I have ran 4 marathons now and all of my finishing times have been within 13 minutes of each other.  They have all been under 4 hours, which I think is good, but there is still room for improvement.  One of these days I am going to actually train, and train hard so I can get a better time.  It's just something that I want to do.  For all of the results you can go here. 

I will definitely try to run this race again in the future.  I wish I would of had more time to relax, go swimming etc.....  Unfortunately I had to get to Vegas that afternoon for my flight back to Portland.  Here are some of the pics, taken with my iphone of course.  Thanks to everyone who called/texted me for the motivation, I needed it. 

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