Thursday, August 23

Station 13 Donuts

You already know that we are donut people.  We love donuts, So of course, just a couple weeks before we are moving we find a great new donut spot!  My cousin introduced us to it, and we took off that first night to try it out. We were all hanging out anyway and we wanted some dessert, so we went and it is everything we like and more.  They have specialty drinks, like frozen hot chocolate that are delicious too!  The decor is all firehouse stuff and you can put on clothes, boots, etc.... it's pretty fun.  They are just east off the Lehi Main Street exit. 

Do yourself a favor and head over there, since we will be leaving soon and will have to find a new donut spot.  Enjoy!  Click HERE to see their website too, and they are open late, which is a bonus!


Aaron S said...

Mmm, yes please! I'm definitely going to have to check this place out when I get down past point of the mountain.

Chelsea said...

AHHHHH. I'm so so so jealous. Originally I was just jealous of the donuts (MY FAVORITE FOOD EVER) but then I got really jealous of all my favorite family and friends that I was missing AND the fact that you are moving to my favorite city nonetheless. I'm so excited for you! xoxo

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