Friday, August 24

Packing and More

We have officially started to pack up our house.  It is a process, a long process.  We started a few days ago and figure we will just do a little bit everyday until it has to be done.  We have the trailer/pod thing coming next week and we have 3 days to load it up and pack up all of our earthly belongings into 23 feet of space!  Can you believe it?  It will then be moved to Washington and stored for about 6 weeks.  I will do some new job training in Portland, OR and hopefully find a new place that we can call home in our new state of WA. 

Lots of changes around here.

We are still under contact to sell the house too, which is such a blessing.  The whole process takes forever and you never really know until closing day. The buyers have done the home inspection, appraisal, etc..... and everything looks good for closong.  It looks like we will close sometime after Labor Day.  I am just glad that we have a buyer and don't have to worry about renters, paying 2 mortgages, etc......  It will be a little sad to leave our first home though.  We have had some good memories here. 

In other news, baby D is starting to crawl and she has her first tooth coming in on the bottom.  She is drooling all over the place (like usual) and she will be on the move any day now.  She is loving the baby food and we are teaching her how to hold her own bottle and to feed herself, ha!

Toddler T is spending as much time as he can with his cousins and friends before we move.  I think he understands more about the move and all that.  It's nice to move when the kids are this little because they can't be that sad about moving, ha!  Plus change is good and it keeps things interesting and busy, and that is what I am all about. 

See you soon Portland!  And come to the You Tube Party tonight. 

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