Friday, July 27

Lucky Me!

Life has been so crazy lately.  I feel like I am missing so much but in reality I am there just enjoying it all as it flies by.  I can't believe that it is already the end of  July!  There is so much going on and still so much that has to happen over the next few months. 

Let me just vent for a bit.....

We are moving, I still can't believe it!  Our house in under contract right now!  (Fingers crossed that it will go through!)  A family in our neighborhood walked through the house and made an offer right there, so we went for it.  Once we close on the house, we will have to pack up our lives into a 23 foot POD and live out of our suitcases for about 6-8 weeks until we find a new place to live in WA. 

We will spend some time between UT, NV, OR and WA for the months of September-October.  I will be working/training for the new job and the wifey and kids will be spending time with family and friends before we officially move.  We still have to find a new place to call home.  I guess we will just be sleeping around for awhile, ha! 

Next, we are taking our first Marcus and Natalie Shields family vacation to Southern CA in August! Wahoo!  We have been counting down the days for weeks now.  Both baby D and Toddler T need to see the ocean, play in the sand and experience it all, before we move to the Pacific Northwest.  It should be a great trip and we would love to see you CA friends if you are around. 

After that, we have another Shields Family Reunion here in Utah, then a wedding for my little brother Colton, and in between all of this, we are hoping to close on our house, pack up our house and move onto the next chapter in our lives.

Geesh, it seems like a lot, but it's probably not.  I like to be busy.  Oh, and I failed to mention that my car died, yup, she's a gonner.  I have the worst luck with cars, seriously I do.  I hate cars!  So we are back to a 1 car family and probably will be until we settle down in WA.  Ahh....that day will be nice.

Until then I am going to remember that I have an awesome wifey and two cool kiddos!  Just see for yourself!  I am lucky and blessed!  Let the adventures begin. 


Alli said...

Oh my word. Your poor wife! I thought we were crazy, we are living out of a suitcase while we go to a cabin with friends, then a SF vacay with my parents, then packing up in half a day and taking 7 days to drive from CA to NC, visiting lots of places. But no, your life is about twice that crazy. Have fun!

Marcus Lane said...

Alli I just read your blog and got all caught up, your move/new journey sounds just as crazy! Enjoy it though, because it won't last forever, ha ha!!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Crazy that you guys are moving! That is a LOT on your plate....even for someone who likes to be busy. So what's the new job? You are right - you have one amazing wife and two very cute kids. Hope everything goes smoothly with closing on the house and job change. Exciting but I'm sure it will be very stressful too.

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