Monday, June 4

Music Monday - Alanis Morissette - Ironic

I heard this song the other day on the way home from work and it brought back two distinct memories.  The first one was rather vague, but my friend Andrew and I loved Alanis' cd in junior high and we would always listen to it, like on repeat over and over and then over again.
The second memory is driving to San Diego, CA with my cousins from Provo.  We stopped in St. George for my cousin's high school graduation, then made it to Las Vegas at about 11 pm.  We stopped to ride the roller coasters there and were planning on staying the night in Vegas, but after about 2 hours we decided to head on into CA and drive the rest of the night.  We were in my old white Audi and we sang our hearts out to Alanis' cruising down the I-15 South.  We eventually made it and had a nice trip which  probably included the beach and visiting Tijuana Mexico, ha! 

Good songs = Good Times!

I was on the annual motorcycle trip last week, and it was another awesome trip, pics coming soon!

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C said...

That trip was SO much fun- well pretty much every time we all got together it was a blast!

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