Tuesday, June 5

Motorcycle Trip 2012

Last week was the annual motorcycle trip with all of the boys, and it was another success.  This year we headed down to Loa, UT.  Loa is the capital on Wayne County and is full of beautiful country.  We camped about 20 miles south of Loa in a cool spot with lots of trees.  We were there about 8 years ago.  There are some good trails, and we took full advantage of them.

One day, we tried to find Calf Creek Falls and failed.  We got there too late in the day, (surprise, surprise) we still had over 45+ miles to ride home and a storm was coming, so we packed it up and headed home.  We ended up driving home in the dark (I had no headlight!) and eventually made it.  It was a great memorable ride.  We ended up going 100 miles that day! 

These trips are always fun and I love going every year.  We had some first timers this year too, and I am sure they will be coming back.  We had close to 40 riders on the day trips. 

Good times, can't wait for next year's trip. Here are a few pics that I took with the iphone.  Sorry no real camera still. 

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