Thursday, May 31

The Simple Things

The other night, after T and I got back from a 5 mile run we needed a few items from the grocery store so T and I jumped in the car and took off on the quick drive to the grocery store.  It was close to 8 pm and the sun getting low and the cool temperature felt nice.  It was perfect weather for driving with the windows down!  T loves it when he can have his window down so he can feel the cool breeze on his face and his crazy hair.  (He might need a hair cut soon!)   And let's be honest, I like it too.  I had the grocery list on my phone.  (The wifey texts it to me because I seem to always forget 1 item if I don't have a list.  Oops!)

It's the simple things in life like this that make you happy.  We had a great drive to the grocery store, with the windows down and the music up.  We got our items from the grocery store (minus donuts!)  Smith's Marketplace is Always, I repeat, Always out of donuts.  We got an extra bag of Starburst Jelly Beans instead.  On the way home from the store, we stopped at one of the parks in our neighborhood and played for a few minutes.  We went down the slide, climbed all over the playground and laughed as the sun set down behind us. 

After that we cruised around our neighborhood checking out some of the new homes that they are building, with the windows still down of course. 

We eventually made it home with all of our food items. Toddler T took a quick bath after baby D and we called it a night.  A simple night, yet a very good night. 

Pure Joy!

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