Tuesday, May 29

Music Monday - Phillip Phillips - Home

This is a little late, because of the holiday yesterday.  We were a little busy hiking, relaxing and bbqing.  But for this week I give you Phillip Phillips and his new song from Idol.

His performance last week was awesome!  He got my vote.  This song was perfect for him and the type of artist that he is and will be.  I am so glad that he won!  He will be a great Idol, don't you think?

Another good season American Idol, thank you! 

Updates coming soon. 


Krissy said...

Love this song. And what a great finale! Loved it!

Nick Cirac said...
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Jordyn said...

He was amazing all season! I loved him from the beginning! I may have voted for him more than a few times after the final performances! I'm so happy he won, such a talented kid!

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