Friday, May 25


Life these days consists of toddler T playing outside every chance he gets.  T loves the dirt and to throw the rocks in our backyard.  It works out great since our backyard is full of dirt and rocks.  Ha.  Maybe we won't ever finish it.  We love having so many parks in our neighborhood too. We go often.  We usually go on a run, well I run and push T in the jogging stroller and then stop at the park before we head home.  He loves it, and I love it.  Then he likes to push the stroller home and it really makes him tired because there is a hill, ha!  T also loves to play on the deck and blow bubbles and watch the workers work, as they are building still building new houses by us. You should come build one and be our neighbor.   

Life with baby D is eating, burping, pooping and more eating.  She usually takes a bottle every night before we put her down for the night and she usually chows down.  She is growing so much.  I forgot how much they change on a daily basis.  She loves to put her head up and is becoming less of a bobble head each day. Oh, and she is getting good at it too.  She started rolling over too from her back to her belly, it's awesome!  And she loves to be all swaddled up just like her brother did before she goes to sleep.  She no longer likes to be nestled in your chest when you hold her, she likes to be able to see what is going on.  She is like me in that way, she doesn't want to miss anything.   

Don't you just want to eat her up!  We sure do.

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