Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day Celebrations

Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there.  Even if you are not a mother (yet) you should still take advantage of this day, think of it as a woman's day.  It is a great reminder for us to respect these important women in our lives.  So here's to my mother and my wifey, who is the mother of two wonderful children.

Here are some things that I appreciate from my own mother and the mother of my children -
  •  Patience.
  •  Being there.
  •  Love.
  •  Good example.
  •  Positive Attitude.
  •  Smiles.
  •  Kind.
  •  Thoughtful.
  •  Caring.
  •  Safety First.
  •  Honest.
  •  Caring.
  •  Giving.
  •  Sense of Humor.
  •  Ability to laugh in all situations.
  •  Involved.
  •  Responsive.
  •  Interested.
  •  Flexible.
  •  Committed.

Thank you for everything that you do for me, the kiddies and everyone else out there!  Happy Mother's Day!  And to see a cool Mother's Day Video that my cousin is in click HERE. 

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