Friday, May 11

Curious George

Recently, T has loved watching Curious George.  When my cousin Chels was visiting last time, her daughter would watch it, but T was not interested, but over the last few weeks he has grown to love it.  He refers to kid shows as baby/Turner shows and frequently asks to watch them.  He is also a fan on Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and before that he liked Yo Gabba Gabba.  Apparently he goes through phases, which is fine because we just record them on our DVR and then when we need to bribe him in any way possible, we will let him watch one of his baby shows. 

This idea worked perfectly when he was doing his breathing treatments on  the nebulizer.  Each clip of Curious George was 15 minutes and that's about how long it took him to breathe in his treatment.  It was a win win situation for everyone. 

On one of the episodes on Curious George they went bowling and he started asking over and over again when we could go bowling.  When the in laws were in town for baby D's baby blessing a few weeks ago we all went bowling and then we went again a couple weekends later for T's cousins birthday, it was perfect.  Plus I enjoy bowling and so the wifey, I mean she has her own pink ball and fancy shoes that come in their own bag.  And I use to be in a league in the college days. 

PS- I forgot to mention that I won the second time we won!  Of course I was on the lane with all of the kids, and with the bumpers.  But a win is a win.  I will take it!


C said...

That is so awesome. E LOVES Curious George and talks about the episodes all the time. It is so funny. We were worried at first because she started grunting to communicate like George! HA:) But now what is so silly is that she will talk about the episodes at random times to random people so that someone will say hi to her and she will reply: "George," "Leg," "Ouch" (because of an episode where George broke his leg) and the people just look at me totally confused! I am literally her translator because I know all the strange things she is talking about!! Bowling looks so fun!

Aaron S said...

Dang, your wife has her own shoes and ball? Professional! I like playing with the bumpers and making it a rule to use them, so then you get to intentional bounce it off the side and use a little geometry :)

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