Thursday, May 24

The Bachelorette

It's that time of year again.  The time of year where we have some friends over every Monday and celebrate family night in a different way.  We now watch the Bachelorette and enjoy every second of it, ha!  The wifey made the usual posted boards again with the contestants on them, with their name, age, occupation and a select quote that will make them stand out from the other guys.  Everyone that comes over, put there top guesses on the guys and we watch, and eat good treats ands drink soda and soak up all of the trashy tv that we can in 1 night, it's great.

There is another UT guy on the show this year.  His name in Jef (yes with 1 f!) and he is a 'hipster' and I think he will go pretty far, maybe top 4.  I also like Arie, who is a race car driver from AZ.  Emily, the Bachelorette, had a fiance who was a race car driver, but passed away.  She is going to fall for him all over again. 

I am hoping that they will bring Bentley back into this season somehow, that would be awesome and would top off all of the other seasons, ha.  So great.  Love this trashy tv stuff, don't you?
Come on over if you are want to get involved in all of this stuff too.

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