Friday, May 18

3 Months Old

Baby D is 3 months old and growing more and more.  She is chunking up and eats more and more.  She is good at taking a bottle too, unlike her brother T was.  We usually give her a bottle before she goes to bed each night around 10 pm.  We like to think that is fills her up more and she will sleep longer.  Some nights it works, I think.  You might have to check with the wifey on that one. 

She is so squishy and cute and we just want to eat her up!  She is moving all over the place and just this past week she started to roll over from her back to stomach.  She is learning to enjoy her tummy time while she drools over everything, we love it and we love her!  She is a fashionista and likes to have her nails done, her hair combed, and she likes to mix patterns (right Heidi?) in her clothes, ha!  Oh, wait, maybe we just like that for her.  Either way, she looks good!

Here are some pics of her and all of her funny faces.  Keep growing baby D!!  Which one is your favorite face?  The last one kills me, ha!  Love it

1 comment:

Marcus Lane said...

She is just as bald as T was too.

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