Thursday, April 26

Some Party Pics

My dad was beyond surprised for his 60th birthday!  My mom was at a church meeting with him listening to my little sister speak.  We had about 30 minutes to get everything up in the house before they came back.  We rushed, and got it done, all of his friends/family showed up and he came in and was beyond surprised!!  It was perfect!  All 7 of the Shields kids were there, it was a miracle!  Derek flew up from LA and made a trip out of it. 

My sister had some awesome ideas that turned out great for the party.  Lots of good positive comments.  Here are some of the pics from my iphone and a few that I stole from my sister's blog.  Go HERE if you want to see even more pics and get some ideas for your next party! 

We had over 50+ balloons all over the house and on the end of each one was a picture of my dad or a thought/quote/memory of him that people had emailed to us before the party.  It was a great idea and people were laughing over all the funny pictures and quotes, etc..... 

The party was a success, thanks to those who helped and to those that came. 

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