Wednesday, April 25

Salt Lake Half Marathon Results

Well the race was a success!  My cousin Sally ended up running it too, it worked out perfectly and I even got to run with her for a bit!  So, I finished at 1 hour 41 minutes, not bad, but always room for improvement.  It was a nice day though but as soon as the sun come over that mountain it was hot!  That happened at Sugarhouse Park around mile 4.  My buddy Brandon ran it (his first half) and killed it, he did really well.  I am already looking forward to next year's race.  Click HERE for the link to see anyone and everyone's times. 

 Starting line area

 Shadow at mile 11, just as I passed Liberty Park.

Finish line with Brandon. 


Aaron S said...

Great job, Shields and Flint! And still looking fresh at the finish!

Marcus Lane said...

Thank you Smyth!! Someday we will run a race together!

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