Friday, April 27

Our weekend Instagrammed

Let's just let the pics do the talking from last weekend. With a brief description below. 

Start at the top left and work your way down.
1.  Sidewalk chalk with cousins.
2.  Photo booth at cousin Troy's wedding.
3.  Our tulips bloomed in our front yard.
4.  Baby D and P, spending all week together!
5.  Nat's Track Meet, she set a new record, obviously. 
6.  Playing/Coloring at Nordstrom City Creek with friends. 
7.  Taking a break on Temple Square for a PB & J.  (with Teddy, of course!)
8.  T, baby D an Teddy by the Temple Square flowers. 
9.  Bowling for Spencer's Birthday.  (Yes the wifey has her own ball and shoes)
10.  Cousins at the Birthday Party!
11.  Baby D and Baby P, BFG's
12.  Tulips on Temple Square
13.  T playing at the fountains
14.  Baby P and T's first (and not the last) kiss!
15.  Presents from the birthday party with cousins.
16.  Mile 11 at the half marathon. 

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